Hobbyist Lifestyle Photographer in County Cork

I’m Renata. I love photography (obviously). Most of all, I like photographing children using natural light. I love documenting real emotions and moments of children playing outdoors or in their own home. I strive to document real moments. I  live near Cork city in Ireland.

I am a member of Click Pro women’s organization of professional photographers and highly skilled artists – after meeting Click Pro’s strict portfolio assessment criteria. I am a contributor to the Click Pro Daily  and I have contributed to Click Magazine, a ClickinMoms print photography magazine.

I licence my work on with the Offset agency.

I have also been awarded the title of Accredited Photographer by the Polish  Children Photography Academy.

I have contributed to Fearless and Frames – you can read my contribution here: Skip the Perfect Vacation Photo by Renata Plaice

My photographs have been featured on the following websites:


Light Inspired: 

Summer – Weekly Favourites

Bird’s Eye View – Favourites

Negative Space Weekly Features

Life Unscripted:

All the little details Top Ten

Lovey – Top Ten

At the kitchen table – Top Ten

Making Time – Top Ten

Weeds Top Ten

Hope – Top Ten

Find the Light Project / Erin Hensley:

Diffused Light – Favourites

Rim Light – Favourites

If you have any questions regarding  my photography and want to contact me, please do so – here or message me on Facebook:


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