Our holidays at Austrian lakes

For those who know me, it should come as no surprise that I’m drawn to Germany and try to travel there regularly. In the last few years, the trips had been mostly without our kids – until we took them to Hamburg  to see the Christmas Market and Miniatur Wunderland last December. When planning our summer holidays for this year, we wanted to head back to this part of Europe. Even though our two older kids love swimming in a pool, we knew that a crawling baby and relaxing at a pool wouldn’t go together. We booked a flight to Munich and then drove with a rented car beyond Germany to the Austrian lakes. (I don’t recommend that option, we were stuck in traffic jams, flying to Salzburg would be much better but there no such option from Cork). Our main goal was to cycle in that area, but there is no shortage of things to do near Salzburg. Clean, warm water in the lakes, historical towns (we lived in the very centre in a building that was 400 years old with concerts and traditional dance performance every evening under our windows!), hiking, boats, water sports… Nevertheless, cycling was the highlight of our holidays. We put our baby and our daughter into a trailer and they kept each other company. We were also able to cycle many kilometers, including hills – our daughter wouldn’t be able to make long trips like this. This meant that Dad had to cycle with 30 kilo worth of kids up the hills and that doesn’t include the weight of the trailer and our bag! But he enjoyed it as well (or so he says! :)). Needless to say, our eldest loved every minute of it. For me it’s the perfect way to spend holidays. I used to love hiking and still do, but unlike at college, now I spend most of my days at work and at home on my feet, so cycling is really the perfect way to spend holidays. Relaxing at a pool with a book is not really an option with a crawling baby either 🙂

The weather can be changeable in that region, but the rain, if at all, came mostly in the early mornings and evenings with beautiful sunny weather by day. (There was only one evening with an opportunity to take sunset shots though!)




3 thoughts on “Our holidays at Austrian lakes

  1. Wow….loved the photographs so much!!! Austria does have some of the most pristine and captivating lakes and landscapes for sure. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us 🙂


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