My baby’s first days in the hospital

Couple of days ago, I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy. Just as any mom of a newborn baby, I’m taking many of pictures of him and will probably finish sorting and editing them by the time he is eighteen years old. Today, I’m sharing the first few images I took of him in the hospital. My husband took even more with his phone, including many precious “firsts” in the labour ward and yes, I’m in them as well, but they will stay in our private family album. One of the most precious ones was taken by my obstetrician who offered to take one for us soon after the delivery! In this post, you will see the first meeting with his older siblings when they came to see us in the hospital and one of the most touching memories that I have with all of our children – the walk through the corridor when we leave the maternity hospital to bring our baby home.



4 thoughts on “My baby’s first days in the hospital

  1. Piękne zdjęcia, aż żałuję że Ciebie na tych zdjęciach nie ma (ale chętnie zobaczę w prywatnym albumie jeśli pozwolisz:). Pozdrowienia dla całej rodziny!


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