Holidays in Spain p. 1

Taking advantage of the longer school break at Easter, we went to the Costa del Sol in Spain for a couple of days before Easter. I won’t be able to show you much of that region, we had traveled there before when we only had one 2-year-old boy in a buggy and therefore able to walk all day and travel to many beautiful places in Andalusia. Now, the schedule is dictated by how much our daughter is willing to walk and how many times both of the kids ask to go back to the pool in the hotel.

I’m also 23 weeks pregnant with our Number Three and really starting to find it a bit more difficult to chase my kids and quickly crouch to get the right perspective. You can probably see that adult perspective in some of the photos, especially with feet being “chopped”…

As it was the start of the Holy Week, we were lucky enough to witness a procession in Malaga and we came across groups preparing for these processions on the streets before that.



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