February 2016

I barely picked up my camera in February. It simply wasn’t a month for photos. As a result, there was very little to choose for the blog.

At the start of February, I had the honour to have two of my tutorials published – on The Use of Leading Lines on the Clickin Moms blog and one with Tips to use Location in Photographic Storytelling on the Click Magazine blog.

This month’s share includes a few glimpses from Bremen in Germany where I travelled with my students (and without my kids) and another video from my 2016 Project of the Year of Moving Pictures.

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Below there is another short video from the project “A Year of Moving Pictures” from  a weekend walk in a forest. I regret I didn’t have time to learn more video this month but I’m still happy to have those memories preserved for ourselves.

February 2016 from Renata Plaice on Vimeo.


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