December 2015

This was the first Christmas in many years that we spent in Ireland and not in Poland – we celebrated Polish Christmas Eve traditions and Irish traditions on Christmas Day. We still traveled to Poland for a couple of days after Christmas. Below are a few shots from December.

20151220-DSC_066620151220-DSC_066120151220-DSC_060820151220-DSC_062920151226-DSC_095320151222-DSC_067220151222-DSC_068520151222-DSC_069220151223-DSC_069920151224-DSC_071720151224-DSC_074020151224-DSC_077220151225-DSC_08102015 Blog and websites exports520151225-DSC_080620151225-DSC_08422015 Blog and websites exports420151225-DSC_088520151225-DSC_088820151225-DSC_090820151227-DSC_096920151230-DSC_135020151230-DSC_1354


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