Glimpses into our day

After a series of blog posts from trips and holidays, it feels like I forgot how to shoot some more mondane moments, that boring everyday, with no impressive background, nothing significant to document… You know what I mean… And we have beautiful autumnal colours and those Halloween costumes but I wanted to try and shoot those insignificant moments that are repeated every day and that I want to remember in the future. And I’m slowly getting back to it. It’s a start. I documented a few moments on one day with no school or work- including a lazy morning and a bedtime routine and a visit to a park. One day I’m hoping to publish a day in the life series. So keep following me!

20151029-DSC_8579 20151029-DSC_8587 20151029-DSC_8592 20151029-DSC_8601 20151029-DSC_8625 20151029-DSC_8640 20151029-DSC_8649 20151029-DSC_8662 20151029-DSC_8675 20151029-DSC_8677  20151029-DSC_8695 20151029-DSC_8703  20151029-DSC_8729 20151029-DSC_876520151028-DSC_855220151028-DSC_853220151028-DSC_855620151028-DSC_8559


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