Climbing up the Torc Mountain

I’ve always loved mountains and mountain climbing. It’s great that the kids are big enough to be dragged along and our son well able to hike on his own. And just look at the views from the top over the lakes of Killarney.

torc waterfall
20150927-DSC_7297 20150927-DSC_7327 20150927-DSC_7337 20150927-DSC_7343 20150927-DSC_7354 20150927-DSC_7367 20150927-DSC_7369 20150927-DSC_7375 20150927-DSC_7388 20150927-DSC_7391 20150927-DSC_7395 20150927-DSC_7400 20150927-DSC_7407 20150927-DSC_7410 20150927-DSC_7411 20150927-DSC_7412 20150927-DSC_7429-2


One thought on “Climbing up the Torc Mountain

  1. Ależ ta Irlandia piękna. I pewnie wystarczy kilkanaście minut jazdy samochodem, by w takie ładne miejsca się dostać, prawda? Zazdroszczę. Pozdrowienia z płaskiego Mazowsza:)

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