July in Ireland

Blogging some photos from the start of July. The weather in Ireland this year left a lot to wish for but we tried to make the most of it – trips, summer day camps and of course going to the beach!July in Ireland20150704-20150704-DSC_1712-2 20150704-DSC_1725 20150708-20150708-DSC_2078-2 20150708-20150708-DSC_2192-2 July in IrelandRain in JulyJuly in Ireland20150716-20150716-2015 All photos exports JulyIrish beachIrish beach20150715-20150715-DSC_2988 20150715-20150715-DSC_2996 July in IrelandJuly


4 thoughts on “July in Ireland

  1. Lovely account of your life with your family. And, yeah, the month of july wasn’t great, especially in Mayo, where we rented a holiday villa and spent indoors most of our time there. Congratulations on your CM award!


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