More Marrakesh and the Atlas mountains

Travel photos from Morrocco are definitely asking to be edited in colour – the deep blues in Yves Saint Laurent’s Jardin Majorelle, the red/orange walls, the mosaics, spices in the market… I included just a few black and whites (I can’t help myself) but wanted to keep everything as natural as possible so that you don’t get travel brochure photos but the impression of what it felt like to be there… and that means not shying away from shooting in full sun.
Some photos below include our day trip to the waterfalls in the Atlas mountains, which was our family’s favourite. Our Morroccan mountain guide carried our daughter on his shoulders, jumping and climbing rocks – and she absolutely loved it.

20150403-DSC_5532 20150403-DSC_5370  20150403-DSC_535820150403-DSC_5485 20150405-DSC_6144 20150405-DSC_6161 20150405-DSC_6175 20150405-DSC_6195 20150405-DSC_6209 20150405-DSC_6285 20150405-DSC_6293 20150405-DSC_6306 20150405-DSC_6315 20150405-DSC_6390 20150408-DSC_713920150406-DSC_6506 20150406-DSC_6536 20150406-DSC_6577 20150406-DSC_6597 20150406-DSC_6648 20150406-DSC_6740  20150407-DSC_6892 20150407-DSC_6897 20150407-DSC_7036 20150407-DSC_7045

20150409-DSC_731920150409-DSC_7287 20150406-DSC_6829-2


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