November favourites

November 2014 in our part of the world 20141112-DSC_0638-2 20141116-DSC_0652 20141112-DSC_0588 20141106-DSC_0060-2 20141108-DSC_0167 20141108-DSC_0195 20141109-DSC_0388 20141109-DSC_0389-2 20141116-DSC_0710 20141110-DSC_0551 A walk in Kinsale – this time of the year, there aren’t many tourists around this town doesn’t lose its charm in winter20141123-DSC_0943 20141123-DSC_1004 20141123-DSC_0967 20141123-DSC_1010 20141123-DSC_1031 20141123-DSC_1043 20141123-DSC_1046 20141123-DSC_106620141121-DSC_0814


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